The U16B Smash Airdrie Ringette team had a small problem at their tournament this weekend, the referees were late!

So what do a couple of Alberta teams do to pass the time? Well, there's only one real choice when the perfect song starts to play, line dancing! Even if it means doing it on ice with skates on.


The Airdrie U16B Smash Ringette team found a fun way to pass time while waiting for the refs! (Airdrie is the team in the back).

♬ Beep sound Self-regulation sound (about 3 seconds)(868134) - amuri

Airdrie is the team in white.

Clayton Heck, the Head Coach of the team said it all started as soon as Cadillac Ranch by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band cane on over the sound system.

"The girls were waiting around and the Hinton team started to line dance and our team quickly joined. It was quite a sight to see them all dancing around."

Heck mentioned it's actually more common than you think in Ringette to see the girls dancing around.

"Usually you see it a lot in the younger leagues, like U12, U14 and U10. They still do it in U16 any chance they get to lighten the mood."

The Smash so far this season has had a pretty successful one, winning their home tournament last weekend, while being in the gold medal final in this weekend's tournament (which is to be played at 3:30 in Edmonton).

Heck finished off by saying he couldn't imagine trying to line dance in skates.

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