At the end of last week and over the weekend, most gas stations in Airdrie raised their prices once again.

While it might not be as big of a jump as we have seen in the past, gas prices have jumped up around eight cents.

After seeing prices slowly decrease to the $150.9 range, the current gas prices in Airdrie are around the $158.9 mark. Diesel prices in Airdrie are around the $169.9 range.

Airdrie could have seen prices decrease on July 1 if oil prices were above the $80 mark per barrel. The province reviews its fuel tax quarterly to determine if relief can be provided at the pumps.

Here is how the fuel tax works according to the province:

  • The fuel tax will be suspended whenever prices are at or above $90.
  • A partial fuel tax of 4.5 cents per litre will be applied whenever prices are $85 to $89.99.
  • A partial fuel tax of 9 cents per litre will be applied whenever prices are $80 to $84.99.
  • The fuel tax will be fully reinstated whenever prices fall below $80.
  • Fuel tax rates cannot increase more than 9 cents per litre per quarter when oil prices fall.

The oil price average is based on the 20 trading days of WTI price data leading up to the 16th day of the month preceding the start of the next quarter. July 1 marked the start of the third quarter.

Back in May, Patrick De Haan, Head of Petroleum Analysis at Gas Buddy predicted gas prices could drop to the $150.9 range during the summer months.

"The real wildcard is going to come later this summer when hurricane season is expected to be very busy. Of course, it's the Gulf of Mexico where there are some of the largest refineries in North America and if any hurricanes temporarily shut those refineries down, we could see prices spiking later this summer," stated De Haan back in May.

When comparing to other surrounding communities and their prices, Airdrie is right in the mix:

  • Calgary- Around the $153.9 range.
  • Okotoks- Around the $158.9 range.
  • Strathmore- Around the $152.9 range.
  • Cochrane- Around the $156.9 range.
  • Red Deer- Around the $155.9 range.

Alberta's fuel tax was reinstated to its max of 13 cents a litre back in April after sitting at only 9 cents the months before that.

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