On Sunday, February 12, Alberta's U-18 girls curling team, Team Plett, came away with a gold, winning the Canadian Under-18 Girls Championship in Timmins Ontario.

The team comprised of Airdronian Myla Plett, who is the skip, third Alyssa Nedohin, second Chloe Fediuk, with lead Allie Iskiw, and Airdrie coach Blair Lenton. Team Plett has now won back-to-back national championships. 

Plett said that the week in Ontario started off with a win, which set the tone for the rest of the tournament. However, she added that as the reigning Canadian champions, the competition was also very aware of the high skill level of Alberta's team. 

"We just knew that teams would come and play against us knowing that there was that win on our backs from last year. So, they were going to play at their best against us, in hopes to have a close game," she said. "And they for sure did. There were a lot of close games against us. The teams played really well [and we also] just had to play our best."

In their first game against the Saskatchewan team (Team Kesslering), Team Plett would beat them out 6-0, while in their second game against the other Saskatchewan team (Team Taylor), they were once again victorious in an 8-2 match. However, the game was indeed close when they went up against the Nova Scotia team (Team Blades), but managed to also win 9-7. Then Team Plett went head-to-head with the other Alberta team (Team DeSchiffart) winning 8-2. Their match against the British Columbia team (Team Duncan) also got them a 5-2 win, while when they were up against a Quebec team (Team Gionest) Team Plett come out on top with a score of 7-5. In the gold medal final, Team Plett squared off against New Brunswick (Team Forsythe) and won with a decisive 10-1 finish.

Plett said that when the final was over, the feelings of elation and disbelief, along with sheer excitement were palpable.

"That was a goal that we were hoping to accomplish from the beginning of the year. It was just super awesome to just check that off, and especially experience that with the team I have. It was just unbelievable," Plett said. 

She said that while the Team was excited, even more excitement erupted from the stands, as parents and friends travelled with the team to cheer them on.

"They were there all week supporting us and then it was just super great. You'd step off the ice and your parents would be there just waiting with smiles on their faces just to come to say congratulations and give you a big hug. They play a big role on our team."

While the win in Timmins is won to celebrate and celebrate loudly, Team Plett is already getting ready for their next competition, The 2023 Canada Winter Games, which commence this weekend and run till early March.

But Team Plett wasn't the only Alberta Team to come away victorious in Ontario. The U-18 boys team (Team Davies) also swept into victory against Nova Scotia, landing a gold medal themselves.

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