It's another year, but some what of a rebirth for the Calgary Roughnecks.

Last season was tainted with talk of the club losing it's financial support, almost to the brink of folding the team. The 2009 NLL Champions almost closed up shop in 2010. In came the Calgary Flames ownership group to buy the team from former owner Brad Bannister, and insert their guy, Mike Board, as General Manager.

This season already has a better vibe around it, according to Board.

"We're ready to go", says the new GM. "We think we have a good blend of young guys and veterans, so we're pretty happy."

Board also warns fans to keep from thinking the on field expectations will change at all under the new ownership.

"We're here to win. That doesn't change no matter who owns you."

They will also be utilizing Genesis Place in Airdrie as a main destination for their practices.

"It's a great facility. We were there last weekend and everything went great. We're hoping to have a good relationship with them this year."

Practices are open to the public. Your next chance to check out the team will be January 20th, a day before their home opener.