Airdrie RCMP say the detachment received multiple calls about an ambulance heading southbound on the QE2, New Year's Day, with its lights and sirens activated. Sheriff Jason Graw says nothing unusual here but for one thing. Directly behind the emergency vehicle was a Toyota Celica keeping pace with the ambulance.

It is illegal to follow within 150 meters of an emergency vehicle when its equipment is activated. When motorists pass EMS vehicles that are parked on a street or highway with their lights on, they must slow down to 60 km/hr in the adjacent lane.

Graw says, in this case, the driver exhibited "extremely reckless" behaviour, placing the safety of the ambulance crew and patient at increased risk of being involved in a collision." He added that it appears the motorist made a conscious decision to use the ambulance as a quick way to get through traffic. No alcohol was involved but a 33 year-old man from Calgary faces 3 charges.