Starting this Monday, the city will start conducting its citywide satisfaction survey.

The survey, administered by Y Station, includes telephone and online responses. 

“The information gathered from the Citizen Satisfaction Survey gives us valuable insight on the areas we are excelling in and where we need improvements in City services,” says Mayor Peter Brown.

Residents will be asked about the quality of life, important issues facing the city today, as well as their satisfaction rating with individual services and facilities.

“If you receive a call or find the survey online, please take the time to share your valuable feedback,” says Ryan Johnson, corporate strategy advisor. “The insight we receive through this survey is so important to our strategic planning and budget development. We strive for continuous improvement and these results are always a strong indicator of where our residents see strengths and gaps in the level of service the City provides.”

Results of the 2023 Citizen Satisfaction Survey will be presented to Airdrie City Council in March 2023.

To participate in the survey,

To see last year's results, check out the story below!

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