Tom MacDonald sat down with us for a chat about his life, and his recent success and even told us if he prefers B.C. or L.A...

Tom is well-spoken and a critical thinker, not what you'd first expect when you read about some of the controversy surrounding him and his talent, but he certainly is talented!

When talking to MacDonald, he comes across as sharp, fun, charming and most of all, honest. For those who don't know him, Tom is a Canadian singer/songwriter and former pro wrestler.

Originally from B.C., he talks about his influences growing up, his latest release and how the unexpected foray into pop music took a turn he didn't expect. The song written for his girlfriend, Nova Rockafeller, an Albertan and Canadian rapper, was a long time coming and has quickly found massive success!

When he talks about Nova you can feel the love for her radiating from him even through a screen. He explained in the interview why this song was so hard to write and why it took so long.

We expect to hear a lot more from the successful artist and hopefully play a ton of his music in the future. 

Here's the full interview with Tom: 


You can download his latest single Ghost on iTunes and Amazon.