This past weekend the Airdrie Irish got their first-ever win against the Cold Lake Fighter Jets 29-25, the Irish also snapped Cold Lakes win streak they have had since 2021. 

The Irish now have a 3-1 record, which puts them second in the league behind Cold Lake who have a record of 4-1.

Josh Williams, the President, Offensive Coordinator and Quarterback of the team knew they would be able to get the job done.

"It was one that not very many people expected us to win, there were a lot of predictions against us. Definitely feels good to go out there and get the win, like we always knew we could." 

Coming off a bye week, the latest game before that was against the Cold Lake Fighter Jets, which they lost 45-8. 

"The thing that's very promising is that we still haven't even touched our potential as a team. Going through the film and seeing some of the mistakes, and some of the ways we let them in the game is huge because it indicates that we're capable of a lot more than what we've shown everyone this season."

When asked about what had to be done and what went right during the game, Williams mentioned it was all about mentality.

"Nobody got down on each other, we remained positive, we remained motivated. We stayed true to our culture, which is a culture of not trash-talking and sinking down to that level, but a culture of lifting each other up and just sticking to our game plan."

With two games left in the regular season, Williams does have some goals in mind that if the team can accomplish them, things will look good.

"There are so many ways that we are beating ourselves. I would argue that the majority of the adversity we've faced are things that we've done to ourselves. So if we can eliminate those things, we should be able to take care of business.

Their next game is against the Calgary Wildcats at Shouldice Athletic Park on July 15 at 7 p.m. The Irish return home for the final regular season game on July 22, at 2 p.m. at Ed Eggerer Athletic Park against Edmonton.

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