After cruising to a 46 – 6 win over the Peace Country Cowboys, the Irish look forward to playing the other team at the top of the league, also at two wins and zero loses, the Cold Lake Fighter Jets. 

Anton Bellot is the Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator for the Airdrie Irish says the Cowboys are always a tough team to play against. 

“Peace Country came out firing on all cylinders. They ran some things on special teams that caught us off guard. They were up to 6-3 at one point in the first quarter, but we settled ourselves down, came out, and executed our game” 

Going onto this week's matchup against the Fighter Jets, Bellot believes it's going to be a hard-fought match. 

“It’s going to be a very close game; we predict it's going to be very physical right from the start. They have talent on all levels on offense, defense, and special teams. We really are focusing on our game. We're going to practice a little bit more this week to make sure we fine-tune the little things and prepare as best we can. 

Bellot predicts this game to be one of the slower games so far in the Alberta Football league. 

It's a great test for our program to see how far we've come. If we want to go far, this is a team we'd have to go through, so definitely a great test for sure.” 

A couple of keys for the upcoming game against the Fighter Jets, according to Bellot, are to stick to their identity and reduce unnecessary penalties. 

Kick-off is Saturday at 2:30 in Ed Eggerer Field at Genesis Place.    

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