Come this fall, Airdrie country music singer Brandon Lorenzo will be in Nashville, Tennesse for the Josie Music Awards Show. Lorenzo has been nominated in two prestigious categories: Male Vocalist of the Year- Modern Country, as well as for Video of the Year for Another Round Of You.

"This will mark another set of international awards for me; because we just got back from Nashville and we won another set of awards too," he said. "To know that we have another recognition down south or in another country altogether, it's pretty cool. And the Josie Awards are nice because they're held at the Grand Ole Opry. It doesn't get much better than that."

Another Round of You was produced by Greg Harder and written by Rich Herring, Buddy Owens and Monty Holmes. Lorenzo gave credit to fellow country music artist Gord Bamford for pitching the song to him. 

He said the Another Round Of You was unique in many ways, as the song was more of a ballad, rather than the upbeat country style he is used to.

"We decided that this was something that needed to happen and the video turned out great. Greg [Harder] did a great job with that. He's produced every video that I have up to date," Lorenzo said. "It was something out of the box that I find a lot weren't doing, at least in the Alberta Country music scene from an artist at my level."

Lorenzo's previous awards state-side included Top Male Vocalist Of The Year and Enterainer Of The Year at the North American Country Music Association International Competition (NACMAI) in Pigeon Forge Tennesse. He was also featured prominently in nominations at the 12th Annual Country Music Alberta Awards earlier this month. 

He was previously nominated for the Fans’ Choice, Horizon Male Artist of the Year, Horizon Single of the Year for his song “You Set The Bar”, and Songwriter(s) of the Year for "You Set The Bar" as well. The song was written by Lorenzo, Chard Morrison, and Ty Baynton and performed by Brandon. 

When asked if he could pick any artist(s) to collaborate with, that isn't necessarily in the country music genre, Lorenzo had a surprising answer.

"I've grown up singing country basically my whole life, but I listened to a lot of other music too. I think if I could choose - I'd probably say [someone like] Shawn Mendes; his vocal abilities are insane and my sisters are huge fans, too, so, they [would] probably go nuts if that ever happened," he added. "But Bruno Mars - that's always been a good one. There are a lot of great artists out there and I think if anybody came to me at the next level and said, 'Do you want to do a collaboration?' I don't think I would say no."

But what about a song that is deeply meaningful to him? 

"You set the bar - was the third last single that I recorded and that one hits home because I was a writer on that one. It was the first song that I recorded and released that I was really fond of. It's still my favourite to play live too."

Lorenzo also performed the song Everly in the Air 106.1 FM studio. This song was released at the beginning of this year, and many fans request it often.

While he is not one for getting pre-show jitters, there are still times when he does get a bit of stage fright. Lorenzo admitted that when he was opening for American country star, Randy Houser, there was a bit of anxiety.

"Randy has been somebody that I've been very fond of, from the time I started music. And for me, that was probably the one show in a very long time that I've been kind of scared about."

As Stampede draws near, Lorenzo said this time of year will be his busiest as he books various venues and show, with fans flocking to hear a local favourite. 

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