A public hearing is slated for late June at Rocky View County Council to discuss implementing rules and regulations around kennel operations in the county.

"The potential regulations would provide clarity and consistency for existing operations and guide future kennel applicants wishing to operate within our County," The County stated on its website. "There are currently no rules or regulations guiding the use of kennels under the Land Use Bylaw. Council has directed staff to investigate potential regulations and rules for kennel operators."

According to the County's website, at present, 16 kennels are operating in Rocky View County.

adaA public hearing is slated for late June at Rocky View County Council to discuss implementing rules and regulations around kennel operations in the county. (Graphic credit to Rocky View County) 

"These local businesses offer an important pet care service to residents, including off-leash play areas, overnight boarding, daycare, breeding, training, and educational classes."

According to the County's current Land Use Bylaw, a kennel is defined as a, 'use for the keeping, breeding, boarding, caring, or training of dogs and other domestic pets over three months of age, excluding livestock.' The operation of a kennel requires an approved Development Permit.

Some regulations that could be implemented may include establishing minimum distance requirements for kennel business operations from neighbouring properties to maintain privacy and minimize noise and implementing screening and fencing solutions for outdoor areas to ensure secure and well-maintained operations.

Other regulations that may be factored in, include developing manure management plans to ensure waste is managed effectively and addressing additional concerns raised through public consultation.

Public feedback is being gathered through a series of meetings, interviews, and an online survey. All feedback will be considered alongside other requirements, such as:

  • Functionality of new rules and regulations.
  • Flexibility of new rules and regulations.
  • Current resources and future use.

The online survey gauges whether respondents are kennel owners, kennel neighbours, or kennel customers and asks what they look for in a kennel, as well as how far away the nearest kennel is to them. Other questions include what respondents would like the County to consider as it develops rules and regulations to support kennel operations in Rocky View County. 

If regulations were to be passed, the County underlined that, 'Kennel operations must be conducted in alignment with development permits. All future operations must comply with new regulations.'

The initiative began in January 2024 when direction came from the governance committee. In May, a What We Heard Report will be presented, before the June 25 public meeting. 

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