Earlier this month, Stephen's Backpacks Society helped out a local mom by furnishing her new apartment.

The society which is known for helping out students in need by giving them the supplies they need for school also helps refurnish homes for families in need. 

Nancy McPhee, the proud mom of Stephen McPhee and the Executive Director of the Society stated helping this family out felt really good.

"It was just the most wonderful experience. It's something that we don't normally do. But when this family came to us and shared their story, we felt the need that we had to help out."

According to McPhee, this mom had very broken-down furniture that was falling apart and really needed new items.

"We purchased two beautiful queen beds, new box springs, bedding, a new living room, and a new dining room."

Thanks to the help of local businesses like Highland Moving and Superstore over $400 worth of groceries was donated and all of her furniture that needed to be moved from her old apartment to her old apartment was moved and all set up.

AirdriePhoto of Stephen building furniture.

Refurnishing in total over 30 homes, this is the 8th time they did it in Airdrie for a local family.

"On the Tuesday after we moved all the new stuff in, I got an email from her stating she feels like a human again and that there is hope in her and her child's life."

Usually, when the society refunishes houses they try and get some personal items like sheets themed after their favourite show or something like that. This time they were able to incorporate the family's favourite animal.

"They love red foxes so I was able to find some beautiful red fox pillowcases for their apartment. That meant so much to her."

While planning to refurbish four more homes this year, next up for the society is preparing for back to school.

"We just got the quote back to do 1500 backpacks, it works out to about $92 a backpack where it's usually $40 to $50."

McPhee finished off by saying no matter what, they will always try to help out the best they can whenever anybody asks for help.

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