Back on July 7, a tornado touched down near the community of Bergen, affecting nine homes and whatever else was in its way.

RCMP from Airdrie, Didsbury, Sundre, and Olds were all on the scene.

There were no injuries or fatalities, all occupants were accounted for.

The tornado was rated an EF-2 (Enhanced Fujita), which was one of the biggest tornadoes in Alberta this year. Wind speeds were estimated between 180 and 190 kilometres per hour.

When rating tornados, they get rated by what gets hit, not the potenial of the tornados.

According to Environment Canada, the surrounding area was affected with heavy winds, marble sized hail and heavy rains

This year, there were eight recorded tornadoes in Alberta. Tornadoes in Bergen and Redcliff were both rated EF-2, making them the largest this year.

The average amount of tornadoes in a year is 10, according to Environment Canada

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