Recently, a local social media group lit up with countless comments about whether or not school zone speed limits are enforced on days when no students are attending school, also known as Professional Growth (PG/PD) days.

Airdrie Mounties have underlined that school zones are in effect on PG/PD days and that such days are treated the same as if classes are in. 

According to the City, 'school zones are in effect from 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. and playground zones are in effect from 8:30 a.m. until one hour after sunset.'

"Follow the posted speed limits around schools. Always stop for buses. Never pass a stopped school bus when the lights are flashing and don't park on crosswalks, bus stops, blocking driveways or against marked signage," the City reminds. 

According to the Alberta Motor Association (AMA), unless otherwise posted, 30km/h is the maximum speed limit in both urban and rural school zones.

"If a speed sign is not attached to it, you still must use caution when driving through the school area. Look for the sign that signals the end of the school zone. You have also reached the end of a school zone when you have approached a traffic sign that indicates a higher maximum speed," the AMA states. 

A school zone ends only where a traffic sign indicates a higher maximum speed, or the end of the school zone. And as far as residential speed limits are considered, in Airdrie, the residential area speed limit is 30km/hr.

"...And the main roads such as Yankee Valley, Veterans, 8 Street and 24 Street are 60km/hr," The city states on its website. 

RCMP added that the city has placed signage at all communities' entrances denoting the 30 km/hr zone. 

"For instance, as you enter Luxstone from Yankee Valley, a 30 km/hr zone sign is posted. They are also posted throughout the communities,"

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