Tuesday was the first day of school for most Rocky View School (RVS) students. Today, (Thursday) was the first RVS Board Meeting of the school year and at the meeting, they talked about the student population. 

According to Greg Luterbach, Superintendent of RVS, his presentation stated from the end of September 2022, they served 27,612 students, which was an increase of 950 from September 2021.

"By the end of June [2023], we had just over 28,000 students attending our schools."

RVS projected to see 28,680 at the start of this school year. While the school year has just started and new students are still registering, their prediction was almost spot on. 

"We have 28,664 students registered as of yesterday [Wednesday]. A smidge less than what we thought we were going to have but the numbers are fluid."

While RVS has yet to hit their projected number,  Luterbach stated it would be a 3.8 percent growth compared to last fall if RVS did.

"We will see a little drop [in student population] and then we see it bounce back up a little bit closer to the end of the month."

RVS comes up with their projected student population by factoring in community growth, grade-to-grade growth, historical trends, census and birth rate data.