Rocky View County (RVC) has released the results of the Citizen Satisfaction Survey they conducted earlier in the year.

1,307 residents completed the survey answering questions about how they feel about living in the county and what they think needs some improvement.

Leslie MacRay,  the Director of Strategy and Performance for the county explained how one of the observations they found within the survey was that people enjoyed living in RVC.

"We are slightly above sort of the Alberta benchmark when it comes to quality of life. So people are satisfied when it comes to living in the county, they're proud to live here, and would recommend to others to live in the county."

79 per cent of residents would recommend the county as a place to live for others, 76 per cent would raise a family while again, and 76 per cent feel that it is safe and secure.

"Our citizens are also very highly engaged. Based on our last survey in 2022, we know that was an area that we needed to improve in and we even made it a priority in our strategic plan to improve citizen engagement."

Just over 60 per cent of those surveyed participated in some form of engagement over the last year. One thing that residents want to know more about is where their feedback is going when it is asked for.

"They want to know whether or not their feedback is making a difference. They want us to listen and so that's one of the big takeaways for us."

Satisfaction was lowest with planning services at 40 per cent, traffic enforcement at 27 per cent and road maintenance at 20 per cent. Residents also have mixed feelings about the value they are receiving from their municipal property tax dollars.

"Folks that live in Rocky View appreciate the rural lifestyle that's offered by the county, but they're concerned about how we're managing future growth and development."

The county will take the items that residents are concerned about and make them a focus point when it comes to planning for the future which includes the 2025 budget.

"We certainly have increased our communication efforts. And we did see improvement in communication with citizens. However, people want more."

According to MacRay, over the next few years, the county already plans to communicate more and better with citizens about their growth policies, decision making and also the services that citizens can expect."

To see the full results of the survey, click HERE.

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