Four German Shepherd cross puppies, Wayne, Rosie, Bonnie and Katy (all named after the TV show Letter Kenney) are currently looking for new homes after being abandoned on the side of Highway 791 last week.

Rosie and BonnieRosie is on the left while Bonnie is on the right.
KAtyPhoto of katy.
WaynePhoto of Wayne.

Originally there were six puppies but luckily two of them have already found their forever homes, while the remaining four were brought in by Didsbury bylaw to the Wild Rose Humane Society.

Leah Jones, the office administrator for the society explained that these pups have had a rough week, 

"The Didsbury bylaw officer was able to catch four of them before they came to us. One of them had unfortunately been hit by a vehicle, but she was very lucky and received the all clear from the vet before coming here to the shelter."

Two other locals helped to capture the puppies and instantly fell in love with them, and those are the two pups who were taken home by their rescuers. 

According to Jones, the puppies are still learning to socialize as they were quite nervous being in a new place,

"Obviously being abandoned in the country on the highway, and then being captured and then brought into a strange place, they were very stressed. But they are settling in nicely."

Right now the Humane Society is looking for people who want to take these puppies to their forever homes. They are also currently looking for donations to help with the costs of caring for these pups until they find their new homes. 

"We are looking for puppy kibble if anybody has any to donate, and pee pads because puppies are very messy. Or alternatively, we can accept cash donations through  e-transfer, cash, debit or by cheque."

If you are looking to donate or potentially adopt a puppy please contact the humane society through their WEBSITE.

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