The Calgary Region Airshed Zone (CRAZ) is happy to report that Alberta Environment and Protected Areas (EPA) has transferred the operation of the ambient air monitoring station to CRAZ within the City of Airdrie.

Data on the region and the surrounding neighbourhoods' air quality are produced by this station. The station change will make it possible for CRAZ to offer the City chances for outreach and education.

One of Airdrie's local High Schools, W.H. Croxford and some of their students will be helping wrap the entire station to enhance the visual identity of the station.

"The air quality is pretty good in Calgary and Airdrie. Sometimes when the temperature fluctuates from really cold to warm temperatures, the air quality air pollution gets trapped near the human level which can cause a bit of a concern," explained Mandeep Dhaliwal, the Air Quality Program Manager for CRAZ."

CRAZ already runs all the Calgary stations so it was easy for them to take over the operations of the Airdrie station.

According to Airdrie Mayor Peter Brown, the goal is to try and create the healthiest city possible.

"Environmental protection is a top priority for us. We believe in innovative solutions that reduce harmful environmental impacts. We believe in contributing to our resident's overall well-being 100 per cent. And of course, air quality is very critical."

Being a member of CRAZ, the city will be informed of any events that may happen out at the station

Airdronians are able to what Airdrie's air quality is like on the CRAZ website.

"If your children have asthma, and they play soccer, it's a good idea to watch that number [the quality]; or if you're a runner, and you happen to have asthma, you might want to pay attention to it. That for us is one of the big education pieces that we try to share," explained Jill Bloor, CRAZ Executive Director.

The Ambient Air Monitoring Station is located on the North side of Chinook Winds Park.

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