During last Monday's city council meeting, Airdrie City Council approved a report on the status of the Mud Pie Project.

The Mud Pie Project is a program that incorporates rural and urban communities to provide a way of having a self-sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. The project creator is Airdronian Emily Marston and the Airdrie Horticultural Society. The City of Airdrie is also a partner in this project.

The next step of the project is to install signs at all City’s existing orchards and will include the following information:

  • The type of fruit available
  • When harvesting can be expected to occur
  • Information on the Potential uses for the fruit

The signs will be installed for this growing season.

Some park areas also include small groups of fruit-bearing trees in addition to the orchards. Signs won't be put at these sites because of the quantity and erratic positioning of these trees, but these areas will be emphasized on the City of Airdrie website when completed.

The Mud Pie Project and the Horticultural Society have submitted a joint application to Co-op for a $135,000 Community Spaces grant. The creation of a new community garden at Chinook Winds Regional Park, which is expected to be finished in time for the growing season in 2025, would be partially funded by this grant opportunity.

According to the agenda report, events for planting and harvesting in the neighbourhood will be planned collaboratively by Parks Operations and the Mud Pie Project. The public will have the chance to learn about self-sustainability and the development of urban agriculture at these events. Mud Pie Project may collaborate with the city and start asking for funds for plantings in the 2024 season once they have their not-for-profit status (if approved). This will allow them to further their objectives.

The purchasing and installation of the signage at the City's orchards will be done by Park Operations. This expense, which is expected to cost $1,000, will be funded by the 2023 Parks operating budget.

Click HERE to see where Airdrie's current orchards are located.

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