The City of Airdrie is partnering with a local environmental group to help create the Mud Pie project. 

Emily Marston, the founder of the Mud Pie Project explains what it's all about. 

“The Mud Pie Project is a program that incorporates rural and urban communities to provide a way of having a self-sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle.” 

Marston, who has a background in Environmental Science says this idea first came about when she was participating in Miss World Canada and one event was called “Bring Beauty Forth With a Purpose Project" which is focused on how to improve the community around you. 

“For me, my community was always the environment around me, because growing up on a farm, you need that environment to survive and through volunteer work, I found that there's been a growing disconnect between humans and nature and humans to each other as well.” 

For her, it started out from an educational standpoint. 

“I created an Instagram page and a Facebook page and just started posting notes. Then I had a couple of people reach out to me and say they have some extra food that they have grown in their garden and if I knew anybody who would like it. We donated fresh fruits and vegetables to the food bank last year. So, it started to become this way of connecting people in the city to rural ideas and rural growth.” 

Marston then took this idea to city council to see if they would be interested in helping create The Mud Pie Project. 

“We took a look at the community orchards and Airdrie has four amazing community orchards, but not a lot of people know where they are; not a lot of people know what's been growing in them and how they can get involved in helping grow more. The city is very generously offered to properly mark and locate those areas so people can get involved and understand what's been growing.” 

According to Marston, they are also looking at two other areas and low-income housing places that would be perfect for community gardens. 

“That would take a lot of stress off of people who do have a low income and can't quite afford healthy foods, healthy vegetables, but also don't have that room to start their own garden.” 

Marston says it’s a dream come true for the city to help out with the project. 

“I'm still a little bit shocked. To be quite honest because I'm thrilled. I'm excited about the future. I'm very excited for our city to continue to be a leader when it comes to environmental progress and sustainability, for sure.” 

According to Marston, up next for the project is building the volunteer programs. 

“The environment connects us. It's something that connects us around the world, we all breathe the same air, we drink the same water, and our landscapes may change no matter where we go, and this is something that we all rely on to survive. This Mud Pie Project is the umbrella where everybody can come to this hub and figure out where they want to partake in, that is my goal.” 

The Mud Pie Project does not have a website just yet, but if you are interested in volunteering feel free to send them an email at 

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