The Alberta Elite Hockey League has announced both its award winners and All-Star teams for the 2023-24 season in the U18 AAA, U17 AAA and U15 AAA divisions. Airdrie athletes are among those named.

In the U18 AAA category, the Top Defenceman went to Nathan Maloney of the Airdrie CFR Bisons. Coach of the Year was presented to Chad Scharff of the Bisons.

Other awards include:

  • Most Valuable Player – Caleb Matthews (Calgary Buffaloes)
  • Leading Scorer – Caleb Matthews (Calgary Buffaloes)
  • Top Forward – Brett Olson (St. Albert)
  • Top Goaltender – Josh Banini (Edmonton Blue)
  • Most Sportsmanlike Player – Cooper Moore (Red Deer)
  • Playoff MVP – Caleb Matthews (Calgary Buffaloes)
  • Richard Warwick Memorial Awards – Miller Leckie (Calgary Northstars)

The First All-Star Team also includes Nathan Maloney on defence, as well as:

  • Forwards
    • Caleb Matthews (Calgary Buffaloes)
    • Brett Olson (St. Albert)
    •  Cooper Moore (Red Deer)
  • Defence
    • Jackson Schneider (Calgary Buffaloes)
  • Goaltender
    • Josh Banini (Edmonton Blue)

The Second All-Star Team has another Airdronian, Caelan Joudrey of the Bisons, as well as:

  • Forwards
    • Cooper Williams (Calgary Buffaloes)
    •  Nolan Eastwood (Sherwood Park)
  • Defence
    • Wylie Smith (Leduc)
    • Gradey Hope (St. Albert)
  • Goaltender
    • Madden Mulawka (Edmonton Orange)

In the U17 AAA awards category, the following players won:

  • Most Valuable Player – Dylan Westmann (MLAC)
  • Leading Scorer – Dylan Westmann (MLAC)
  • Top Forward – Dylan Westmann (MLAC)
  • Top Defenceman – Luke Ridgway (Leduc)
  • Top Goaltender – Kason Kobelka (Calgary Northstars)
  • Most Sportsmanlike Player – Ordell Saddleback Jr. (Leduc)
  • Coach of the Year – Justin Ostertag (Calgary Flames)
  • Playoff MVP – Finn Werner  (St. Albert)

The First All-Star Team in the U17 AAA includes:

  • Forwards
    • Dylan Westmann (MLAC)
    • Mason Lowther (Leduc)
    • Ordell Saddleback Jr. (Leduc)
  • Defence
    • Luke Ridgway (Leduc)
    • Dreyton Aleman (Okotoks)
  • Goaltender
    • Kason Kobelka (Calgary Northstars)

While the second All-Star Team includes:

  • Forwards
    • Evan Benoit (Calgary Flames)
    • Colby Gulliver (SEAC)
    • Taylor Reimer (Knights of Columbus)
  • Defence
    • Dylan Karran (St. Albert)
    •  Brett Barnes (Knights of Columbus)
  • Goaltender
    • Sergio Davidson (Calgary Flames)

In the U15 AAA category, awards include:

  • Most Valuable Player – Cohen Pentney (Calgary Flames)
  • Leading Scorer – Ossie McIntyre (St. Albert)
  • Top Forward – Ossie McIntyre (St. Albert)
  • Top Defenceman – Lincoln Ball (Sherwood Park)
  • Top Goaltender – Nixon Ma (Calgary Flames)
  • Most Sportsmanlike Player – Kade Peters (GPAC)
  • Coach of the Year – Kelly Chesla (Calgary Northstars)
  • Playoff MVP – Colt Carter (St. Albert)

The First All-Star Team in the U15 AAA category includes:

  • Forwards

    • Ossie McIntyre (St. Albert)

    • Cohen Pentney (Calgary Flames)

    • Landon Horiachka (Sherwood Park)

  • Defence
    • Lincoln Ball (Sherwood Park)
    •  Colt Carter (St. Albert)
  • Goaltender
    • Nixon Ma (Calgary Flames)

The second All-Star Team includes Airdronian Kale McCann of the Airdrie Xtreme on defence as well as Foward Jensen Marsh. Other players include:

  • Forwards
    • Crew Martinson (Red Deer)
    •  Boris Sigachev (Calgary Flames) 
  • Defence
    • Jaxon Pisani (St. Albert)
  • Goaltender
    • Seth Badry (PAC)

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