For the past few years, Volunteer Airdrie has been helping seniors, low-income families and people with disabilities to help them financially.

On Sunday they moved a senior after receiving a call from an Alberta Health Services home care worker, asking if they are willing to lend a hand.

"We managed to put a crew together very quickly, and we're able to help this gentleman. He's now living in his forever home," stated Dave Maffitt, board chair of Volunteer Airdrie.

To date, since they started helping with these move-outs, they have done around 25-30 of them. They usually do about one or two a month.

AirdriePhoto of furniture being loaded into the back of a vehicle.

According to Maffitt, he believes inflation is part of the reason so many seniors and people with disabilities have to move around a lot more than they used to.

"Obviously, with the way the economy is, I think that's part of the reason why we're getting more calls, they just can't afford that 500 to $1,500 expense of having a professional moving company come in, and actually use them to move to their new home."

Maffitt did mention he and his volunteers love helping those in need move because they are over the moon about it and truly really appreciate it.

"Many of them are in tears. You can imagine being in a situation where you're a senior on a fixed income and you're forced to move, and you don't have any family or friends that are available or capable of helping you."

Sunday's move was a little unusual as they were moving an individual out of Airdrie to Didsbury.

"Most of the moves we've been doing are within Airdrie but we have done the occasional move outside of Airdrie into Calgary."

The society had six different volunteers that helped move the gentleman. Maffitt finished off by saying it was a quick move and they couldn't wait to help out more in need.

At the end of June, Maffitt will be handing over the reins of the board chair to Daria Skibington-Roffel.

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