Publishing a book is a dream for many people. For two George McDougall High School students, this dream has become a reality. 

Sadie Tranter (Grade 11) and Kaylee Yu (Grade 10) can now say they have joined the ranks of published authors. Tranter and Yu took a creative writing and publishing class in which they explored creative writing and then researched publishing markets that are available to them.  

Tranter and Yu found a company that helps you self-publish. It’s up to the publishing company which books they help publish. That meant that Tranter and Yu were not guaranteed that their books would end up being published. Fortunately for them, both of their books were accepted to be published. 

Tranter published ‘The Things We Never Said’ a collection of poems about feeling that she wasn’t sure how to express.   

“It’s a collection of poems about grieving, hurting, forgiveness and love. They [the poems] help me put what I'm feeling down onto paper and into words because I'm not sure how to express them, and I'm hoping it does the same for other people.” 

Yu published ‘Loose Screws’ a fantasy novella that is about a lonely boy who runs away from home. 

“There's something special about this boy, where he can see monsters. They're like little creatures that stick with you and reflect your emotions and feelings. Although he thinks that he is the only one who bears this gift, while he's running away, he meets another boy who shares the gift with him. It's a cute little LGBTQ fantasy story.” 

 Yu said that she thought of the idea for the monsters in grade 9 and how the two boys were completely secluded from the outside world and how they find serenity within one another. 

Tranter and Yu’s books can be found and bought on Amazon for anyone who wants to support young authors. 

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