Airdrie-Cochrane MLA, Peter Guthrie, took to Facebook on Thursday to talk about the 'Just Transition' initiative the federal government is imposing.

Just Transition legislation presents an option to build on the government’s existing efforts so that Canada becomes a low-carbon economy.

"The ill-conceived just transition is really a distraction tactic from the federal government," explained Guthrie in the video.

According to the government of Canada, Just transition includes:

  • Identifying and supporting economic opportunities for workers in their communities, and putting workers and their communities front and center in discussions that affect their livelihoods.
  • Preparing the workforce to fully participate in the low-carbon economy while minimizing the impacts of labour market transitions.

"The feds are dealing with runaway inflation and affordability crisis, health care issues from coast to coast and crime in major cities including Toronto and they're looking to point the finger elsewhere, rather than dealing with their own mass."

According to Guthrie, Alberta producers have the highest environmental stewardship and ethical production on the planet.

"I would recommend to the Prime Minister cut out the virtue signalling and deal with our province in a positive fashion to actually support the needs of our constituents and help Canada become the go-to provider for the world's energy needs."

Multiple Alberta MLAs have talked about the 'Just Transition' including the Alberta Premier Danielle Smith. 

Smith has invited Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to work with her to develop a 'Sustainable Jobs' legislation as an alternative to the proposed Just Transition legislation.

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