Camping and outdoor activities have experienced an upswing in popularity over the past few years. 

In 2022, more than 10 million people visited Alberta's provincial parks. 

Minister of Forestry, Parks, and Tourism, Todd Loewen announced this morning (Thursday, March 30) that the provincial government will be investing $211.3 million over the next three years into campgrounds and trails in Alberta. The money will be used to expand recreation in and access to provincial parks and Crown land across the province. 

Minister Loewen says, "Many Albertans have discovered or rediscovered the enjoyment of getting outdoors in the past few years, and thanks to investments in new and improved provincial campgrounds, there’s never been a better time to enjoy the beautiful provincial parks and camping spaces across the province.”

An investment of $15.1 million will go to the Parks Kananaskis Region with $1.3 million being used to refurbish trails and amenities in the Kananaskis Public Use Zone and refurbish the Powderface Trail in K-country.  Additionally, $1.7 million will go to refurbishing the Spray Lakes West Campground and road resurfacing in Spray Valley Provincial Park. 

Other areas that will benefit from the funding will include:

  • Parks Central Region: $18.1 million
  • Parks Northern Region: $18.3 million

  • Parks Southern Region: $14.6 million

  • Public lands: $5.6 million

  • Provincial initiatives: $3 million

  • New campgrounds: $500,000

  • Crown land trails: $2 million

Minister Loewen also announced that fishing regulations will be fine-tuned to ensure sustainable fishing and fish harvesting opportunities across the province.

The government will also offer veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces, living in Alberta, a free sports fishing license to make it easier for veterans to enjoy the outdoors. 

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