It's something you either hear or see when you go by the courts; Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in Canada and people are playing it every day here in Airdrie.

Airdrie, which does have its very own Pickleball club is seeing more and more interest every month.

Norm Vienneau, past President of the Airdrie Pickleball Club, talked about how there have roughly been 175 members of the club.

"We also have a Facebook page with over 550 members."

The club has worked hard with The City of Airdrie to try and provide enough courts for anybody that wants to play whenever they want. Currently, there are four permanent courts at Nose Creek Park that anybody can use. 

"Working with The City of Airdrie Parks and Recreation Department; we have been able to use the rink at Monklands, which is an outdoor surface and paint four pickleball courts on it. We use portable nets and we play every Monday through Saturday, from about nine in the morning until noonish."

To have access to the portable nets at the Monkland courts you must be a part of the Pickleball club.

According to Vienneau, the club is also working with the city to add six more outdoor courts by changing two tennis courts located at East Lake, (the City of Airdrie has confirmed the Pickleball courts, they are hoping for construction to start in the Fall). Vienneau mentioned it is a great spot for the courts as he has seen students playing Pickleball there during school.

"We're still hoping to see a 16 to 20-court facility sometime in the near future, but we have made some gains."

The club has also started hosting tournaments, the lasted being a fun tournament that took place in the spring at Genesis Place (where Pickleball is played during the winter months).

"At the time, we had close to 100 people in the tournament, some from Airdrie, Calgary, Strathmore, Didsbury and Carstairs.  We had people from all over southern Alberta and it was rather successful."

Vienneau mentioned multiple Airdronians do compete in competitive Pickleball tournaments and do very well.

"We're getting to be more competitive as a club and in the pickleball scene in Alberta and in Canada."

It's all about having as much fun, Vienneau concluded. 

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