Looking for a family-friendly haunted house to explore this Halloween? One is open to Airdrie residents tonight.

Clifford Fix and his wife are the creators of the annual "The Fixes' Not-so-Spooky Haunted House".  This will be its 3rd Annual debut. Fix explained why they first created this haunted house.

"We started out wanting to have a haunted house just to entertain people."

Fix stated that they have noticed that the demographic for the Airdronians that come out to see the haunted house is usually much younger so they made it family-friendly. Both he and his wife are artists and this was something fun they wanted to create for the community. 

"There's no jump-outs, there's no grabs, it's well lit, it's just animatronics, and lots of different things to see."

While entertaining and scaring Airdronians for the past few years, Fix also stated they wanted to be able to help the community with their haunted house at the same time and came up with a local cause to support. 

"How can we benefit people by this haunted house? So, we said, well, let's fundraise for the Airdrie Food Bank."

In its first year at the haunted house, they fundraised just over $100 and five totes of groceries. In their second year, they fundraised over $400 and 600 pounds of groceries. They are happy for all the donations they get but hope to see those numbers increase every year, especially this year as the Food Bank is really in need, as its number of users has seen a significant increase. 

This year's theme for the haunted house is "Mad Scientist". Here is a sneak peek of the haunted house:

Fix said that last year, over the four days before Halloween, they had 1300 people visit, and on Halloween alone, they had 800.

If you want to bring your friends or family and visit the haunted house, it is located at 107 Canoe Crescent SW. It will be open to the public starting tonight at 4:30 p.m. and lasting until 9 p.m.

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