Airdrie country music star Brandon Lorenzo won his first ever Josie award for Vocalist of the Year (Male) for Modern Country.

The Josie Awards, which were held at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville on October 22, is the largest music award show in the independent music industry which brings in thousands from around the globe. 

"Being one of very few Canadians down there that weekend, I was quite excited and shocked when my name got called," stated Lorenzo.

While winning Vocalist of the Year (Male) for Modern Country, he was also nominated for Music Video of the Year for 'Another Round of You' but unfortunately did not win.

"I always think and any nomination that I've ever been up for is a blessing in itself."

JosiePhoto of the Josie that he won. Photo provided by Lorenzo.

"Just to know that my music is being recognized, especially in Nashville and other places is a huge deal for me."

This was the first time Lorenzo got to be on the Grand Ole Opry Stage, he stated he hopes to be back there one day again in the future.

"The next time that I get to the Opry, hopefully, it's with a guitar in my hand, and I'm performing."

Outside of music, Lorenzo is a teacher at Good Shepherd School here in Airdrie.

"We're just kind of kicking things off and getting settled in, but so far the year looking like it's gonna be a good one."

Lorenzo has a new song coming out on November 3rd called Backwards.

Separate from Lorenzo, Airdrie-based Katavállo Entertainment, which manages local artists also won a Josie Award, the 2023 Personal Artist Management award. 

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