Airdrie saw little to no snow in November, but was it enough to break any records? The short answer is no.

According to Environment and Climate Change Canada, while we saw very little snow we still had some November's where we saw nothing at all. 

"You did get 4.7 millimetres of precipitation and also three centimetres of snow reported," stated Alysa Pederson, a Warning Preparedness Meteorologist with Environment Climate Change Canada.

According to Pederson, back in 2021, there was only 3.8 centimetres of snow and only 2.9 centimetres back in 2016.

"Relatively every couple of years, we expect to have less snow in that (Airdrie) area."

In 1917, 1943 and 1949, according to Pederson's records Airdrie saw zero snow in November.

"It looks like the most snow you've received in November is back in 1897 when Airdrie saw 64.5 centimetres."

The most recent November with the most snowfall was back in 201 when we saw 43.4 centimetres which is the ninth most.

As of right now, Airdrie is expecting snow on Thursday and we could see a decent amount.

"I'd say five to 15 centimetres of snow is a good window at this point."

Right now, the forecast for Airdrie on Wednesday is a high of four degrees with snow starting overnight and lasting into Thursday, which is a high of -1. Friday through Sunday will maintain the cold as the forecasted highs are around -5.

When asked if we could see a brown or white Christmas, Pederson mentioned it's still too early to tell.

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