Amidst the news of two more local businesses closing last week, The City is encouraging residents to shop locally, especially as the holiday season begins.

In a written statement to DiscoverAirdrie, Sara Chamberlain, the Team Leader at Economic Development responded to the news of local businesses shuttering their doors.

“We know that the current economic climate is providing very challenging conditions for small businesses. It’s disappointing to see any business in our community close.  Closing or transitioning (like selling or moving) a business is a very difficult decision for entrepreneurs. In Airdrie, we offer an environment where some businesses types are able to obtain permits to operate out of their homes – this can be an option for those who are struggling to pay commercial lease rates."

On Wednesday, November 1, Gummi Boutique announced that it would be closing its location in Airdrie via social media. The Facebook post did not elaborate on what led up to the decision.

"...Though we will no longer have a storefront here, this will allow us more time and resources to focus on working together with the community of Airdrie to bring more opportunities for everyone to indulge in what we love most: candy!" the post read in part.

Gummi Boutique continues to have a storefront location in Calgary and underlined that its website would be available for online shopping.

"Additionally, FREE local delivery will remain available for all your holiday needs, when the snow is just a little too much to get you out of your homes." 

One day later, Sophia Pizza, located within the same shopping complex as Gummi Boutique (500 Centre Avenue East) also announced that they too would be closing. The businesses' social media post offered no other details as to the closure.

While Sophia Pizza and Gummi Boutique's announcements were made within days of each other, In late October, Cheryl's Country Kitchen confirmed that the owners of the establishment had sold the restaurant. However, the restaurant underlined that while new ownership would be beginning soon, the restaurant itself would continue to serve customers.

Thus far this year, local businesses that have closed down or moved include Taffeta & Tulle Bridal, Homegrown House and Pantry Inc., Fitzsimmons Brewing Company, Toad 'n' Turtle Pubhouse & Grill, as well as Suzanna's, and SkyeFire Bakery.

Chamberlain added that one of the more challenging aspects of running a business is finances

"We also encourage businesses who are struggling to reach out for help – call your accountant, your banker, your landlord, or the City’s economic development team – and access the advice and support that are available."

She urged residents to spend locally where and when they can.

"With the Christmas shopping season coming up, it’s a great time to think about if and where you can get a product or service in Airdrie instead of heading out of town or shopping online. Every little bit of spending in our community helps small business owners, who are your neighbours, stay open.”

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