The City has been hard at work, drafting a Community Standards bylaw - and now they want your input.

The City, in concert with external agencies, has been undertaking a review and drafting process to develop the new bylaw since March of 2011. The bylaw is currently in the review process and is not been passed as law at this time.

“The new Community Standards Bylaw will consolidate and improve upon key regulations from many existing City bylaws and address pressing needs and emerging issues that affect our City,” says Darryl Poburan, Manager of Municipal Enforcement.

The new Community Standards Bylaw addresses such issues as:

  • Untidy and unsightly conditions on private property
  • Outdoor storage on non-residential and residential property
  • Exterior maintenance of buildings and fences
  • Recreational vehicle parking on public roadways and private property
  • Clearing of public sidewalks after snowfall
  • Paving of front yard parking pads
  • Non-residential and residential waste disposal, including sites under construction
  • Open excavations and ponding water
  • Noise control

“Bylaws such as the Community Standards Bylaw are becoming a norm in Alberta, with many mid to large size municipalities adopting similar legislation,” adds Poburan.

You can view a draft of the proposed bylaw on the City's website - Or if you'd prefer a hard copy, please contact the City of Airdrie at (403) 948-8816. Send any feedback you might have to