Rocky View County and the City of Calgary are pleased to announce an important step forward in developing a collaborative relationship that will generate economic development opportunities and more sustainable methods of industrial growth for both municipalities and the Calgary Metropolitan Region.

The Rocky View County and Calgary Annexation Negotiation Committee met on January 16 to investigate how an important industrial growth corridor can best be developed along Calgary's southeast boundary, ensuring that the region remains a significant inland port and encouraging broader opportunities in all sectors.

"Rocky View County recognizes that by working collaboratively with our partners at the City of Calgary we can advance significant economic opportunities across municipal boundaries. I believe that this cooperative approach will benefit residents and businesses across the region," stated the Mayor of Rocky View County, Crystal Kissel.

The Calgary Metropolitan Region continues to prioritize the development of logistics centres, shipping hubs, manufacturing facilities, film production, and a range of other businesses. This revitalized collaborative approach will show how good inter-municipal connections can benefit both citizens and the economy.

For Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek, “it’s been encouraging to see councillors from Calgary and Rocky View County demonstrate an interest in a collaboration that increases regional efficiency and attracts greater investment.” 

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