Tina Petrow was driving around Tuesday morning when she noticed something strange in the sky above Airdrie and decided to stop, so she could capture what she saw and get a better look,

"I was driving on the road and I had a clear view of the sky, it was beautiful, not a cloud, and I see this really bright thing and was like, what the heck is that? I see this little thing coming down in the sky and luckily there's an airplane moving right by it for a size and speed comparison."

Naturally, that evening, she looked online to see if there were any accounts of what it might have been, but she found nothing. Although it extended lengthwise, the object moved extremely slowly and left nothing in its wake,

"I've heard comments about a banner trailing after a jet, the large, rectangular block you can see moved slowly and wavered, which caught my attention right away. I'm certain it wasn't a banner behind a jet because of this."

Starlink satellites, space debris, or anything else that could explain what Petrow witnessed has not yet been reported, and she does not want to speculate, 

"I'm gonna err on the side of caution and say not a UFO it had quite a nice tail to it and anytime you see the UFO videos there's no tail, right? There's nothing behind it, it's just moving around. So I'm thinking it was some kind of space debris or asteroid-type thing. I'm not gonna go into any theories on what it could have been because I don't have that knowledge but, it looked cool and it's always neat when people can catch those kinds of things on film, right?"

Petrow did say she was interested in what other residents think it might have been and if anyone else saw it.  

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