With Pierre Poilievre winning the federal Conservative leadership election, some might say there is a sense of hope, some might say there isn't. Airdrie Banff Member of Parliament Blake Richards says Poilievre will be our next Prime Minister. 

“He’s going to be the next prime minister of Canada, without a doubt in my mind. I've known Pierre for about 25 years. He’s just one of the smartest people I've ever met. He's one of those guys that just knows how to resonate with people and knows the issues that need to be dealt with and he's got the intelligence and the gumption to make sure that they get dealt with.” 

According to Richards, for Poilievre to win the next federal election, he just needs to keep doing what he is doing by keep spreading his message like getting inflation under control, lowering taxes and trying to make sure that people can afford to get by.  

When it comes to oil and gas, Richards mentioned that Poilievre would let the industry flourish so other countries can depend on us. 

“Our natural gas could be the solution for many of the world's energy problems right now. It could displace Russian gas that is funding Putin's war machine. It could be a great opportunity for the world.” 

Richards finished off by saying with Pierre being out in public, meeting Canadians and talking about the message of hope and freedom that he has been putting forward, and keeps on resonating particularly with young Canadians who maybe haven't been involved in politics, he can and will be very successful.  

Poilievre won the Conservative leadership election securing 22,993 of the just under 33,800 electoral points up for grabs. 

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