The sign that warns northbound Highway 2 motorists of the final exit to Balzac hasn't felt too hot lately.

It's been toppled over since 120KM winds hit the area back in November. This wasn't completely all Mother Nature's doing, according to Doug Goodine, Maintenance Inspector for Alberta Transportation.

Goodine says that the sign was designed to do what it did as the posts that hold the sign up have two break away points: one at the bolts, and one just below the sign. The intent of these points are not to break away in the wind, but more to protect motorists if they happen to crash into a sign. Upon impact, the sign will break away, rather than fold towards the incoming vehicle, which could cause more serious results.

The wind storm the area saw wasn't your average breeze we are talking about. Signs all over the area were knocked down, and it's not as easy as just pushing the sign back up. New posts have to be ordered to replace the old, as the integrity becomes compromised upon breakaway.

Which is one reason we haven't see the sign vertical in over a month. Goodine says the group that takes care of that is an private contractor, which has a 60 day maintenance contract on all directional signs. More critical signs, such as stop, yield and merge signs are attened to sooner.

It's expected with the warmer weather, less wind, and no snow later this week, the sign should be back up with new posts by the weekend.