A small delay and a new system hasn't changed the pace at which people are registering for next year's hockey season.

Airdrie Minor Hockey Association knew there'd be a delay, and will open up new registrations on their website in the middle of July, but those who were signed up last year have been able to re-up for the past week.

"I haven't seen anything specific here since the weekend," says AMHA President Tim Kehoe. "It doesn't look like it's anything a lot more than before, or any less. We're on the same pace as usual.

Kehoe says that the numbers are looking like between 40-60% of previous members have signed up already. That's encouraging, considering the delay, and the new method of signing up.

"So far, all feedback is positive," says Kehoe of the new process. "We've got a couple of concerns, but that's usually those are due to people not reading the directions properly. But the people who have read it and understand it found it to operate quite well."

With the registration hurdle out of the way, Kehoe says that the Association is looking to add more corporate sponsorship to the program, and to make some decisions on the future of the position left vacant by the resignation of previous General Manager Greg Wing.