On Wednesday, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith addressed the province in anticipation of this week's provincial budget.

Smith stated in the address she is pleased to report that spending cuts will not be needed to balance this year’s budget.

"Lower resource revenues will certainly require us to show more restraint than previously predicted. We will ensure this is done thoughtfully and with priority given to the programs and services Albertans most rely on such as health, education, and social supports," stated Smith.

She also mentioned that promised personal income tax cuts will have to wait a year to be phased in responsibly. 

Shortly after her address, the Alberta NDP Deputy Leader Christina Gray shared her reaction, stating the Premier had a chance to keep the promises made to Alberta families during the last election, but did not.

"Albertans are missing out on at least $272 million in affordability measures Smith promised in the election, as well as any action on lowering utility prices, high rents, or even to offer relief on soaring insurance rates. The UCP has failed to fund and support our public education, and is moving forward with the dismantling of your already struggling health care system."

Gray also stated that Danielle Smith and the UCP are only willing to maintain the current state of chaos we see across our hospitals, schools, and family budgets. 

"If we carry on the path Smith’s government is leading us down, things will only continue to get worse for everyday Albertans. The province’s inflation is the highest in the country and when you combine that with population growth, the UCP’s plan won’t cut it."

Airdrie East MLA Angela Pitt explained she is excited to see this budget and how it will help Albertans.

"The Premier, in her address, very clearly laid out the case to restart and be serious about saving for the future and getting off the volatile, non-renewable resource revenue, which I think is very exciting."

Pitt stated, that getting off the volatile non-renewable resource revenue is something she has been hearing from local constituents and she thinks this news will be received very well alongside the rest of the budget.

When asked about what she is looking forward to for Airdrie in the budget, schools were number one on her list.

"There's no doubt that we're behind. I think that's one of the problems of having an Alberta budget that is based on high revenues for oil and not having any kind of backup. But, I'm very hopeful that this is our budget to start addressing our great need for schools."

The provincial budget will be delivered on Thursday, February 29.

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