The first Amnesty Day of the year took place on Sunday and it saw a few Airdronians get their vehicle checked to make sure it was following all of the road rules.

Carlo Margherit, a traffic safety officer for the City of Airdrie was offering complimentary vehicle safety checks to all visitors, focusing on education and awareness rather than enforcement.

For safety issues found during inspections, there weren't any tickets issued. Instead, educating and informing the public about automobile safety is the main goal. 

AirdriePhoto of Margherit testing the sound on a truck.

Margherit explained one Airdronian was driving by and he thought his vehicle might be too loud so he waved him over to get it checked out.

"He was just over the borderline (96 decibels is the limit within Airdrie). I don't think he's going to have any issues from other officers, but if we get complaints, we will deal with it."

One other vehicle that attended the event was a vehicle that got pulled over by an officer within Airdrie who thought the vehicle might be too loud. The officer gave him the option to get the vehicle checked at the amnesty event so that if it was too loud, he wouldn't get a ticket.

"He passed with flying colours. He maxed out at 94 decibels. The driver was pretty happy with that."

Margherit does hope to host another Amnesty Day later on in the summer but does not have a date or confirmation that it will be happening. He stated a few people walked by asking about what he was doing, he explained and hoped they come around next time.

He also hopes to be able to check car seats for residents who want them checked, as he was unable to do it this time.

For those who were unable to attend Sunday, Margherit mentioned that residents should give them a call if they want their vehicle checked and they will work out a plan to do just that.

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