Airdronian Shiah Plaxton is looking for donations from residents to help the homeless in downtown Calgary.

Plaxton, who recently moved from British Columbia to Airdrie feels the need is great and hopes others will feel the same about helping those without shelter, by providing them with different items like blankets, jackets and other necessary items.

The idea of helping the homeless came from a recent visit to the downtown core when Plaxton was at a Calgary Flames game walking to the train.

"A man came up to us asking if I had change. Usually, I only carry my card but he was in luck I had $5 in change which can’t really get him much. I asked him what he needed and if there was anything I could do to help him out. He told me that given the weather, blankets and pillows or anything to keep people on the streets warm would be perfect."

This event spurred, Plaxton to go through all of her family belongings and find items to donate, but Plaxton wanted to gather significantly more donations to hand out so she sent out a few messages on social media and the responses have been amazing.

According to Plaxton, they were running all over town collecting donations most of Thursday and will now have nearly 100 bags of donations to give to those in need.

Plaxton plans on heading to Calgary with her brother Rylan Peters on Sunday, making that the deadline as she still has some collecting to do, While there is still some time, she's not stopping and has hopes she can do even more.

"If anyone has any meals they’d like to share that I can bring down to them, that would be beautiful."

Plaxton does want to invite anybody who wants to go down and lend a helping hand to contact her and join in. Plaxton can be reached by her Facebook profile which you can message by clicking HERE.

"This is something that is so beyond important to me. I have watched my family and my friends go through the worst, the least I can do is help somebody out."

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