With temperatures hovering close to 10 degrees Celsius during the day in Airdrie in the next several days, Airdrie residents may see rapidly melting snow and ice.

Rapid snowmelt can increase the risk of home floods, but there are ways to mitigate that. The City of Airdrie suggests that downspouts are two metres away from swales, which allows the water to soak into your lawn and reduces flooding.

"It’s against Drainage Bylaw to have your downspout located closer than two metres away from the swale. Ensure your swale is free of snow, ice and debris, such as yard waste, rocks or soil."

Other tips include reporting obstructed catch basins to the City and ensuring that downspouts and rain barrel overflow lines are extended to direct water away from your foundation.

"Position downspouts away from the house, at least six feet from your foundation. Ensure your sump pump is working correctly."

You should also clear snow away from your foundation and window wells and check your furnace and exhaust vents to ensure they are clear of ice and snow.

Residents are reminded to stay off storm ponds as the fluctuating temperatures can make the ice extremely unstable. 

"The surface may look solid, but stormwater flows underneath the surface due to snowfall, snowmelt, road clearing and salting operations. Runoff typically contains concentrations of salt and/or warmed water, which can quickly thin ice surfaces," The City states.

The warm weather will also mean that roads will be slushy and messy. Drivers are reminded that they should continue to drive with caution and slow down if possible as water can often mask hazards in the road. Excessive speed can also cause spray to other vehicles which can obstruct another motorist's view. 

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