11-year-old Airdronian Remi Hamilton-Newry will be travelling to Paris to play soccer. Remi was asked to play in the World Cup with the Paris Saint Germain (PSG) Academy in Europe.

At 11 years old, Remil will be playing soccer with the 13-year-old boy's team. Marla Hamilton, Remi's mother, talked about how she has worked her way to this major event.

"Last year, I sent her to a spring break camp in British Columbia and a summer camp as well. Shortly after, Remi got a call asking if she would like to play at the North American Paris Saint Germain Academy Cup in Miami, Florida with the PSG academy in Vancouver."

After finding success in Miami, Remi was later asked to go play in Paris; of course, she said yes. So, on May 7 they will be making the trip across the world.

AirdriePhoto supplied by Marla Hamilton. Photo of Remi playing soccer.

Remi, who plays club soccer in Calgary already plays alongside 13-year-olds. She is excited for the trip and the opportunity but a little nervous at the same time.

"The goal is always to win so hopefully we can do that in Paris," stated Remi.

Playing soccer since she was around 2 years old, it is her favourite sport and she hopes she can keep playing it for a very long time.

"The goal is to go pro in soccer and play for Team Canada at the World Cup and the Olympics."

Marla went on to explain how awesome it is to watch her thrive in the sport that she loves.

"I just love her face when she's on the field and scores a goal. She makes it about everyone on the team, not just herself."

Remi credits her skill in soccer to practicing a lot and playing against bigger and better competition every year. She currently plays for New Frontier Soccer in Calgary.

Remi and her family are currently fundraising to help offset the costs of travel. If you have any bottles or cans you would like to donate, please message Marla on Facebook.

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