It was a busy Friday morning (November 25) in Airdronian Carrie Greer's household. Her sister was picking up her mother and they were dashing off for Christmas shopping, while Greer was getting ready for her day. After getting dressed and ready, Greer realized her father, 75-year-old Jeff Zub was nowhere to be found. 

Greer who lives in the Waterstone area of Airdrie, whose property backs out onto the water frantically looked through the home security cameras to see where her father, who suffers from dementia, could have gone. The cameras showed that Zub had left out the back gate, with his house slippers still on, holding his coffee mug. 

"My sister and I were so worried about the water; with dementia, you never know whether he decides to just go down and take a peek. I scanned up and down the pathway and I didn't see him," Greer said. "So, I went downstairs and I got my sister and she went out onto the back pathway and she went up the pathway. She looked and we couldn't find him. Then, I came in and we called 9-1-1 immediately,"  

As the siblings recounted what had transpired to 9-1-1, they were given a list of potential individuals who had been spotted in the area that may fit her father's description. 

"We knew what direction he went, which was towards the Co-op and the Tim Hortons and Yankee Valley Boulevard, which scared us because there's ice out there and there are all the roads," she said. "They called me back with different areas that they thought he might be in, they said that they found somebody on the highway, they said that they found somebody near a church. We weren't sure where he was." 

An hour or so after Greer's father had gone missing a phone call came that he had been found. The RCMP came to Greer's home, accompanied by her father, who now had two coffees in hand - his mug and a coffee from Tim Hortons, which she later found out the police had bought for her father. Other than a sore ankle from walking, Greer said her father was in quite good spirits. 

"He was tired. I thought he would have been cold; the wind was so terrible on Friday, but he said he was hot from all the walking," she said. "He came in, he sat down, he drank his coffee, which he's not allowed to have; so, he drank his coffee really quick."  

Later that evening, another phone call came, and to Greer's surprise, it was an RCMP constable from the Airdrie detachment, Constable Manmeet Cheema, calling to check in on Zub.  

"I was so surprised. It was such a wonderful gesture." 

Greer posted a social media post describing what had happened, thanking the RCMP and the Constable for bringing back her dad safely. The post amassed hundreds of likes and emotional comments. Greer's mom, who read the social media post before she had gotten home from Christmas shopping, rushed home, worried and relieved. 

"She waited to see if he [my father] would tell her about his day. His reaction was that he went out for a walk and got caught," Greer said. 

Greer said the entire turmoil of the day made her intensely thankful for the work the police do in the community. 

"Excellent, excellent work. We thank you so, so much from the bottom of our hearts for bringing our dad back home. It makes us feel so protected, and so warm inside just to know that they're out there," she said. "They had him home within the hour, which was remarkable, remarkable work." 

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