With the provincial election at the end of this month, Airdrie Mayor Peter Brown reflected on the past four years and what he hopes to see for the next four. 

For the past four years, Brown has been happy with the amount of advocating from the local Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) but the problem is higher up.

"I think our MLAs worked hard on our behalf. It's not necessarily at the MLA level, I think it's got to do with a recognition that Airdrie is not a suburb of Calgary and that our citizens need the same services and the same infrastructure that larger centers are getting across the province."

Brown believes it actually goes back to the past 15 years; Airdrie has been struggling to get the support needed.

"When it comes to municipal infrastructure, Airdrie has not been supported and that goes over a long period of time."

When talking about the candidates running in the election trying to grab the MLA spot for Airdrie, Brown wishes all the best of luck!

"Whoever is successful, they look at the needs of our municipality, and they measure it against other municipalities and they see where the gaps are, and they fight like heck for us."

Here are the candidates running for the following MLA positions:

Airdrie East:

Airdrie Cochrane

When asked, Brown still hopes to see the provincial government help out on large projects like the new Multi-Use Facility, possibly a new Fire Hall as well as water and sewer lines (which cost millions of dollars) and of course a new health care facility.

With the election just around the corner, Brown hopes every single Airdrie resident that can vote, will.

"Don't sit home, If you want to see somebody advocate for our committee, vote for the representative you believe would do it in the best way. I wish all the candidates the best of luck."

Brown mentioned the goal is to make Airdrie one of the best places to live in Canada if not in the world.

The 2023 Provincial Election will take place on May 29. 

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