A familiar face from the United Conservative Party (UCP) is the nominee for the upcoming provincial election for the Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) role in the Airdrie East riding. That familiar face is current MLA Angela Pitt. 

Pitt has been in the position for the past eight years and is trying to be re-elected for another four. Mother of two, Pitt was born and raised here in Airdrie. She has already been out and about talking to Airdronians.

"The campaign has been pretty positive, my team and I have been out knocking on doors for quite some time now, talking to the average everyday voter and we've gotten some really great feedback, comments, questions and concerns I am most interested in. I think that Albertans are excited about the future." 

According to Pitt, a lot of people that she has talked to are worried about what an NDP government would do.

"A lot of people that I talked to are very concerned with Rachel Notley and the NDP with their risky ideas that have reeked so much havoc on the province of Alberta. I know people are very excited to see another UCP victory here on May 29."

When asked about her advocacy efforts for the past eight years and what they will be like in the future, Pitt mentioned she is happy about her track record.

"We've seen 40th Avenue almost come to completion, funding commitments for the new Balzac interchange. We've seen two new high schools and three additional public schools in for Airdrie. We've seen a number of various grants go to different nonprofit organizations helping people in our community."

Pitt also brought up the recent EMS town hall that was held in Airdrie and called it a good news story as things are moving in the right direction.

"I am very excited about the $3 million commitment to officially start the planning process for an Airdrie Regional Hospital, whatever that might look like." 

Once the hospital is built, it will be located between Airdrie and Calgary and will serve both Calgarians and Airdronians.

If re-elected, Pitt hopes she will still be in office to see the start of the construction in years to come. When asked about what she is currently advocating for, she has a few things on her mind like traffic, education and health issues.

"I think we need to continue to stay on top on top of student enrollment growth, in the public system, the Catholic system and the Francophone system."

Pitt went on and talked about the two projects the provincial government has announced for housing within Airdrie and the projects when it comes to schools

"It's important that the MLA stay on top of the needs of the people of Airdrie. We've done a good job trying to play catch up, there was little investment by the previous NDP government, in the city of Airdrie and the surrounding area, and our government had a long way to come from and I think we're well on the right track."

The 2023 Provincial Election will take place on May 29. 

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