The start of the holiday season may see temperatures near 10 Degrees Celsius above zero. 

Justin Shelley, a Weather Preparedness Meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada said that early next week, Airdrie and the surrounding areas will see the resurgence of an upper ridge of high pressure.

"Once we hit Monday and early part of next week, we're going to see temperatures about five to 10 degrees above normal, with overnight lows, being near zero, and [there is] potential for some double-digit highs early next week as well."

The warming will begin on Saturday, December 2, with a high of zero degrees, and by early next week, Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) is predicting that Airdrie and the surrounding areas may see a high of 12 degrees on Tuesday.

The evening lows will be much less drastic than last month, with temperatures dropping 10 degrees, rather than nearly 20 degrees as was observed last week.

Shelley said that precipitation, if it occurs in early December, it will more than likely be rain, rather than snow. 

"If there is snow that does fall, it would likely melt pretty quickly. When we look at the extended periods, there is still a relatively warm signal for the month of December. Some of the models are hinting at some above-average precipitation later in the month. It's certainly a bit too far out to have much certainty."

While the temperatures will be above average, Airdrie won't be breaking any weather records. Historical data shows that in recent memory, record temperatures were observed in 2020, when between December 4 - 6, temperatures ranged between 12.4 degrees to 14 degrees Celsius. 

While some may be rejoicing at the balmy weather, others may have to arm themselves with patience, especially if they are hoping to utilize outdoor rinks. The City of Airdrie has previously stated that outdoor rinks are flooded once the temperature drops and is maintained at a constant minus 10 degrees Celsius for a minimum of one week - something that will not occur in the first week of December. 

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