Once again this year, Airdrie cracked the list of top 25 small cities in Canada according to bestcities.org.

This year, same as last year, Airdrie sits comfy in 22nd.

Just like last year, Lethbridge, St. Alberta and Airdrie were the only Alberta cities to make the list.

The full list goes as follows:

1. Victoria

2. Kelowna

3. Kingston

4. Niagara Falls


6.North Vancouver


8. Guelph

9. Fredericton

10. Lethbridge

11. Milton

12. Levis

13. St. John's

14.St. Albert

15. Moncton

16. Sherbrooke

17. Barrie

18. Kamloops

19. Trois-Rivieres

20. Nanaimo

21. Thunder Bay

22. Airdrie 

23. Saanich

24. Aurora

25. St. Catharines

According to the article, with Airdrie being in a province thats known for wild swings in fortune tied to the price of fossil fuels, Airdire has been trucking along at a steady pace.

"The city has enjoyed a population increase of 20 per cent since 2016, at a time of supposed Albertan exodus by skilled workers. In fact, Airdrie ranks #3 in the country among small cities in our Population Growth subcategory, and #6 for Relocation (which tracks resident in-migration). Local leadership, well aware that many residents commute to Cowtown for work, are lowering property taxes and eliminating the city’s business tax to coax homegrown innovation."

The article also states Airdrie scores in the top three nationally in there overall Prosperity category, including #2 for Employment Rate and #4 for Household Income.

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