The provincial government has announced that in several months' time, beginning in 2023, construction will begin to improve Deerfoot Trail, which is meant to address key bottlenecks on Deerfoot Trail between Glenmore Trail and Anderson Road/Bow Bottom Trail.

The Deerfoot Trail expansion project will include improving the Bow Bottom Trail and Anderson Road, Southland Drive and Glenmore Trail interchanges, seven new bridge structures at Anderson Road and Bow Bottom Trail, Bow River, Southland Drive and Glenmore Trail, as well as adding more lanes to Deerfoot Trail along the highway and through the Anderson Road/Bow Bottom Trails and Glenmore Trail Interchanges. The province is also working toward completing upgrades to Deerfoot Trail between 64 Avenue and McKnight Boulevard. A tender for that project was posted in August 2022.

“These upgrades are overdue and I’m so pleased to see the request for proposals move forward. Whether it’s the teacher, construction worker or family saving time on their commute, an ambulance getting to a patient faster or a truck delivering goods with ease, the interchanges and additional lanes will have a positive impact," Premier Smith said. 

Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridors has amended its existing public-private partnership procurement process to address critical improvements for this expansion. The process will continue with pre-qualified teams with the intention that the successful proponent will be selected and the contract will be awarded in spring 2023.

According to the province, improvements to this section of Deerfoot Trail will enhance safety and, when completed, are expected to reduce driver commutes by about 15 per cent during peak morning travel hours and by about 22 per cent during peak evening travel hours. In total, the upgrades mean travellers will save about 900,000 hours a year, which will provide an annual economic boost of about $23 million.

Devin Dreeshen, the Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors said that the goal is to significantly increase capacity at several highway choke points to cut down on congestion.

“Faster commutes, less panic getting kids to school or practice, quicker trips for groceries, less stress – hopefully it makes life a little bit better for everyone in Calgary.”

Construction is estimated to be completed by 2027.

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