Marc Helton, an Airdrie firefighter, received his Exemplary Service Medal earlier this week from his father, Lamont Fire Department Chief John Helton.

The Exemplary Service Medal honours twenty years of committed service, of which ten years were spent carrying out tasks that could be dangerous.

“It was an honour and pleasure to celebrate a fellow firefighter’s many years of dedicated service to the community,” said Deputy Chief, Garth Rabel. “Witnessing father and son sharing recognition and tradition was very special. Congratulations Helton family!”

FirefighterPhoto provided by Chad Eklund, photo of Marc receiving his medal.

Marc Helton proudly began his career in the fire service in Lamont, Alberta, as a volunteer firefighter in 2000.

In 2007 Marc began working as an Emergency Medical Technician/Firefighter (EMT/ FF) for what was then known as Airdrie Emergency Services. He is currently an Acting Captain and Senior Firefighter with the Airdrie Fire Department. Marc also serves on the board of the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) Local #4778 executive team.

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