Even though the 40th Avenue overpass project is currently in a slow-down period because of the winter months, the project is still right on track.

Adam Carroll, the Project Manager for the civil infrastructure group at the Capital Projects Office said being in a winter slowdown does not mean they are completely stopping construction.

"We have some small tasks that we can continue through the winter. We use heating and hoarding to protect the portions of the project that we're building and to help the worker stay warm while they are outside."

Some major milestones were completed this year like getting all the bridge decks poured prior to winter.

"It just sets us up for success starting early in the spring and ensuring that we're going to meet our October 2023 opening day."

Carroll discussed in-depth what still can be done during the winter.

"We have a few of the contractors, carpenters and employees on-site, they're preparing the concrete wing walls and abutments for the bridges themselves."

The construction of the bridge will pick back up to full speed around April or May when the frost comes out of the ground. But when it does, they will be busy getting everything ready.

"The pond is still under construction on the east side of the QEII. Then this year you'll see a lot of asphalt being placed over the top of the bridge decks and all the roadways being paved in preparation for traffic."

Just a reminder when people are travelling through the construction on the QEII, it is only 80km/h even during the winter slowdown.

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