A 10-year-old Airdronian showcased her skills at New York Fashion Week (September 7 -13). 

It was something she will never forget as Sutton Wright was able to walk the stage as a model but also show off her debut collection, "Broken Halo" from her brand, SuttonMonroe at New York Fashion Week

Wright's love for modeling started at a young age, (even though she is only 10). At 18 months old, she started in local pageantry. At five years old in 2019, she was named Little Miss Calgary (she was the youngest ever to win the title).

More recently (while still modelling), Wright has started designing clothes to be showcased at big events.

"I always thought it was cool designing clothes and eventually I started sewing."

When asked about the experience at New York Fashion Week, Wright stated it's something she will never forget, it was super busy, but she got to meet a lot of cool people.

One highlight for Wright was models coming up to her and asking to model for her during the showing of her collection, some of those models include Lexi Rabe and Charlie Townsend.

.Photo of Sutton with some actresses who wanted to wear her clothes! (Left to right) Lexi Rabe, Sutton Wright and Charlie Townsend.

"It's amazing to see someone at the age of 10 be as confident and amazing as Sutton can be," explained Wright's mom, Nicole Kelly.

Wright's twin brother, who was also in New York planned on being one of his sister's models for her designs but unfortunately did not walk. 

Now that the New York Fashion Week experience is over, Wright is looking forward to the next experience as she recently got invited to Paris to show off her collection.

"We're looking at May of 2024, we like to give Sutton a little bit more time to be hands-on involved in the designs," stated Kelly.

When creating her designs, Wright always draws them out before moving to the next stage. 

"I really want them (her designs) to go worldwide, to be honest."

Kelly is proud of Wright and hopes she continues to chase her big dreams.

When asked about who her dream model is to showcase her designs, Wright stated Taylor Swift would be her dream.

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